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Available Horses for Adoption


All adoption fees are $1000 unless otherwise noted!

*Jupiter - 3 year old, well bred filly from the Alexander saddlebred dispersal sale.  She is more than likely bred, and is feral.  Jupiter will need lots of handling and training to make her safe and to trust humans again.  Her adoption fee is $500 with contract. 

*Neptune - Weanling/yearling ASB colt.  This colt is chestnut with a bright white blaze, buggy eyes, and is relatively unhandled.  He will need to be adopted to a capable home that will continue his training.  His adoption fee is $500 with contract. 

*Blitz- registered ASB gelding, 17 years old.  Very fancy, upheaded, and broke to ride and drive. 

*Callie- 17.1h TWH mare, broke to ride and possibly drive. Callie will dog walk you to the other side of the field if she doesn't feel like playing your reindeer games. Needs a big, strong handler. She is a lovely horse but when she doesn't want to participate/load/etc. she doesn't want to. You have to accept that or fight with her 2000lb butt. She is old and doesn't have time for anyone's crap - you will lose on every fight you pick with her.

*Fabio- 21 year old, no clue what he is gelding. 14 hands, stout, easy keeper and broke to ride. He is way more whoa than go but he could probably love a trail home or just a play day horse. 

*Rosie- 10 year old bay arabian mare. We have run DNA but no match. She is green broke to ride and would make a lovely Country pleasure or show hack horse

*Pokey – 9 year old arabian mare. Broke to ride and currently located in Lexington, KY. Still sort of green, but could go a variety of directions. This little mare has speed and could do barrels or games, or she could do some hunter or endurance work as well. 14h.

*Lib= 11 year old registered AQHA mare with tons of professional training. Could go to a show for western or hunter under saddle and she would be insanely competitive. Lib also has extensive halter showmanship training. She prefers to live outside. Very easy keeper but requires an advanced handler for day to day jobs. Could have a less experienced rider to show her but can be a challenge when she is injured or needs vet care.

$3500 lifetime lease fee

*Jesse-6 year old arabian gelding, registered. Has worn a surcingle and is broke to lunge. Great shaddofax bloodlines. Would make a gorgeous halter or western horse

*Mori- Mori is a 15.3h tall potato horse, he is very much hunter type and is a wonderful boy. He will try to get his rider's number on the first couple rounds about the ring, but if you push him through, he settles in and does his job beautifully. He has given lessons here before and we adore him, but he did not like his job when he was leased to a different program. He may need to find his own person. approx 12 years old.

*Nessie- Nessie is a pony sized Morgan mix that we have given beginner lessons on. This mare isn't going anywhere fast, as long as she feels comforable in her environment. When nervous or rushed, she will trot briskly. Nessie makes up for what she lacks in size with a huge attitude. She can be very sweet, and very salty. She does not respond positively to being kicked or tapped with a whip. She won't do anything wrong, but she will stop and refuse to move until you have appropriately apologized for offending her.

They're all special, folks! Nobody is perfect, not even you! If you are accepting of that in yourself and of horses, please contact me for an adoption application. Horses are in pasture condition because that is where they live. You may not come try horses out unless you have an approved application.

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